fantabella (fantabella) wrote,

Mourning on Valentine's

I got a text this morning from my discipler. One of our young pastors (and of whom I was very fond and touched by his powerful sermons and passionate faith) and his wife got involved in a car accident at around 7 a.m. They did not make it. Their son is one of my students in Sunday School. I remember when I first asked him what his name was he said "Carlos. Daddy ko si Pastor Kevin." I'm relatively new in GCF so I don't personally know many pastors. But he was one that I recently got to communicate with primarily because of the Centennial Planner that he had asked me to get him. I approached him one Sunday and introduced myself, saying I was the person he had asked to buy the Planner. He wrote me his student number and accompanied my friend and me to the exit gate of the church. This morning before I got that message I said to myself I would finally get that planner I had promised him. But I guess I was too late. I just got back from his funeral service; met people who have shared similar or even more heart-breaking recent encounters with the couple shortly before they passed on. I am still in a state of shock though I don't know him that well. Shocked yet I trust that everything is the Lord's will and His plans are nothing short of perfection. What his reasons are will be revealed in His good time. As far as I can tell, he and his wife have lived passionately for Christ; burning with the utmost desire to seek His Kingdom and serve Our Savior. His life is a good testimony to me, a blessing indeed. It may take some time before I get used to not seeing him in church but he and his wife have already returned home.

As for their son and daughter, may the grace and the strength of God be upon them as they go through these trying times.
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