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this is how I see it

15th February, 2008. 1:12 am. Mourning on Valentine's

I got a text this morning from my discipler. One of our young pastors (and of whom I was very fond and touched by his powerful sermons and passionate faith) and his wife got involved in a car accident at around 7 a.m. They did not make it. Their son is one of my students in Sunday School. I remember when I first asked him what his name was he said "Carlos. Daddy ko si Pastor Kevin." I'm relatively new in GCF so I don't personally know many pastors. But he was one that I recently got to communicate with primarily because of the Centennial Planner that he had asked me to get him. I approached him one Sunday and introduced myself, saying I was the person he had asked to buy the Planner. He wrote me his student number and accompanied my friend and me to the exit gate of the church. This morning before I got that message I said to myself I would finally get that planner I had promised him. But I guess I was too late. I just got back from his funeral service; met people who have shared similar or even more heart-breaking recent encounters with the couple shortly before they passed on. I am still in a state of shock though I don't know him that well. Shocked yet I trust that everything is the Lord's will and His plans are nothing short of perfection. What his reasons are will be revealed in His good time. As far as I can tell, he and his wife have lived passionately for Christ; burning with the utmost desire to seek His Kingdom and serve Our Savior. His life is a good testimony to me, a blessing indeed. It may take some time before I get used to not seeing him in church but he and his wife have already returned home.

As for their son and daughter, may the grace and the strength of God be upon them as they go through these trying times.

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31st January, 2008. 6:11 pm. Random Thoughts

I was looking over my past entries and I realized nobody comments on my entries. Then I realized, yet again, that I only have a few friends who had access to my LJ account and I hate commenting on other people's journal entries too. Yes, I am lazy.

I just have so many things to do now. I feel I've spread myself too thin. I feel tired and I don't know whom or what to blame for it. Yesterday, after quite a long meeting with my colleagues, I went for a jog around UP Acad Oval with my GG-mates. It was fun; we had dinner at Likha-Diwa and ended at around 10pm and got home half an hour later. So, am I tired because I did something "resembling" physical activity? Or is it because I have tons of things to do? Everytime I think of everything I have to do my mind shuts down and automatically rejects any idea of starting to work. A few years back, it wasn't as hard as it is right now. My job in the university has multiplied and though theoretically there's a couple of us who should be working, I'm practically the last man standing in our section. I know I'm doing more than what I'm supposed to and that doesn't bother me one bit but but but I will just keep my thoughts to myself so as not to regret having said things after.

And then there's the pending departure. I am officially worried about it. I hope we get everything done right this time.

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14th December, 2007. 1:00 am. Elated

Downhere - Little Is Much lyrics
Artist: Downhere
Album: Wide-Eyed And Mystified
Year: 2006
Title: Little Is Much

What is the measure of a life well lived
If all I can offer seems too small to give
This is a song for the weaker, the poorer
And so-called failures

Little is much when God's in it
And no one can fathom the plans He holds
Little is much when God's in it
He changes the world with the seeds we sow
Little is much, little is much

Who feels tired and under-qualified
Who feels deserted, and hung out to dry
This is a song for the broken, the beat-up
And so-called losers

Consider a Kingdom in the smallest seed
Consider that giants fall to stones and slings
Consider a child in a manger
Consider the story isn't over
What can be done with what you still have
[Little Is Much Lyrics on
http://www.lyricsmania.com/ ]

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30th November, 2007. 8:53 pm. Burning Hearts Growth Group - PSALM

My spiritual family...

Current mood: sleepy.

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30th November, 2007. 1:19 am. Tribute to Trillanes, Lim, et.al.

Article worth reading.
Copied this from The Philippine Star website.

Dissent without action
SKETCHES By Ana Marie Pamintuan
Friday, November 30, 2007
Think of dysfunctional and the face of Antonio Trillanes IV immediately comes to mind.

Okay, throw in Brig. Gen. Danny Lim, who has been in the business of destabilization longer than Trillanes — but the younger guy got the Senate seat.

And throw in Teofisto Guingona Jr., who has been at it far longer than either of the two younger men.

All three men are not lacking in courage or brains. Lim is a bemedaled, combat-tested Army officer. Their supporters vouch for the three men’s integrity and love of country. Guingona, one of the nation’s best minds, is proof that age does not diminish idealism.

Surely those minds realized that yesterday’s disruption in Makati would not persuade Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to step down as the divinely appointed President of the Republic. Yesterday’s “situation,” as Malacañang called the latest incident in Makati, could not even make the President and her retinue of congressional junketeers to cancel their visit to Europe.

Lim, Trillanes and company remind you of cats, which seem to go out of their way to get run over by vehicles. When it comes to crossing roads, even chickens have bigger brains than cats. You can get into an accident trying to avoid running over a cat; the creature likes to jump right into headlights.

They must be creatures of habit. These men keep jumping into the headlights, testing how many lives they have left. Yesterday was particularly bruising. The Oakwood mutiny in July 2003 at least lasted over 20 hours.

Yesterday’s incident, which was so bizarre we had to scrounge around for an appropriate description for the paper’s headline, started before lunchtime and ended during the evening rush hour. Like the Oakwood mutiny, it ended in the perpetrators’ surrender.

* * *

The administration had reason to belittle what it described – also for want of a proper word — as a “situation.”

People even laughed along with a Cabinet member — no spring chicken himself — who said the police would not bother arresting Guingona because he’s way past 70 and could no longer be placed behind bars. There were a lot of jokes about the poor former vice president yesterday, one of which was that for him, a victim once again of tear gas, the Filipino is worth wheezing for.

All throughout the rainy afternoon people waited for Trillanes and company to present an alternative to the person and the administration they were trying to replace.

But as the day wore on and no name was mentioned, and even most of the usual suspects did not pop up to express their support for the “situation,” it became clear that the — how shall we call them, situationers? — were simply improvising and had no alternative in mind, except perhaps themselves.

No matter how rotten the civilian administration, there’s no way Filipinos are going to install a military junta at Malacañang. Surely Lim, Trillanes and company realized this. So why did they stage their situation? Maybe they simply wanted a stroll in the rain, at the end of which they could sip coffee in a five-star hotel.

* * *

And yet if the situation was worth belittling, why did the jittery administration take several steps — unprecedented since the Marcos regime — of imposing a curfew and rounding up journalists?

Those steps nearly overshadowed the events earlier in the day, where government troops also took the unprecedented step of smashing into a five-star hotel’s entrance with an armored personnel carrier.

They must be rushing to make sure everything will be back to normal by the time the President leaves tomorrow for her latest overseas jaunt, this time to Spain and the UK.

She will be trailed, according to reports, by at least 40 congressmen. All of them will be spending precious euros, now very strong against the US dollar, in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

They should listen to most of the comments phoned in to radio commentators yesterday about this latest trip. Many wanted the jet-setting public officials to suffer the fate of Marie Antoinette.

Such public sentiments, on top of resigned disgust over recent massive corruption scandals, give resonance to many of the complaints expressed by Lim, Trillanes and company yesterday.

Throughout the hotel siege, administration officials kept invoking the need to uphold the rule of law. Yet what is left for citizens to do when national leaders themselves are subverting the rule of law and making a mockery of justice?

While there was general exasperation with yesterday’s caper, there was sympathy for Lim when he explained, on his way to surrender and return to detention, that he did what he did because “dissent without action is consent.”

You wish there were other ways by which such men of passion and idealism, however misplaced, could see their hopes for sweeping reforms happen.

As more scandals are bared in the coming months, Lim’s words are bound to haunt our nation.

That there is a place in our society for such men speaks volumes about the dysfunction in our land.

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28th November, 2007. 11:04 pm. The Happiest Kid On Earth...

just a few seconds before I made him cry..Mwahahaha... I love you, Ethan!

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28th November, 2007. 10:23 pm. Feeling Nostalgic

My second home for over two years.

Universita' per stranieri di Perugia, Italy

The gates to the scholarly hell err halls of higher learning

The long and winding road

Guess how many steps there are? Yes, Perugia's all about "climbing"

La mia camera da letto

Current mood: nostalgic.

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28th November, 2007. 12:11 am. www.imeem.com

I chanced upon this site just a few weeks ago and got hooked to it. I was just looking for complete songs of my favorite choir, The Philippine Madrigal Singers and my search led me to it.

What I love most about the site is finding songs I had long been looking for and of course finding people who are listening to the same songs I listen to. I listen to pretty much all genres of music but I do have a soft spot for light jazz (i.e., David Benoit and any 105.1 music) and songs from Sergio Mendes band. They're not exactly uncommon but neither can I define them as mainstream. So I find it really cool and exciting that there are people out there who like them too.But the best thing about imeem.com is discovering new songs to love!

Right now I have two "new finds" that have become instant favorites: Love's Divine by Seal and On The Sunny Side of the Street, Ben Sidran version (station ID of crossover--whose entire song I had never heard. The latter is as optimistic as it can get. A great upper and one of the songs you should start your day with. As the song wisely suggests, "Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street".

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Grab your coat and get your hat,
leave your worry at the doorstep
Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street
Can’t you hear that pitter pat and that happy tune is your step
Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade with those blues on parade
But I’m not afraid ’cause this rover, crossed over

If I never had a cent I’ll be as rich as rockfeller
Gold dust at my feet on the sunny side of the street

With those blues on parade
Because this rover, it crossed over

If I never had a cent I’ll be as loaded as old rockfeller
With that gold dust ’round my feet
On the sunny side of the street
On the side, at that side of the street that is sunny

On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Of course in your life, a little rain must fall...

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27th November, 2007. 11:54 pm. Things You Probably Don't Know About Me (First Installment)

The best way for a guy to get himself noticed by me is by being gentlemanly. Ewan ko ba, pag gentleman isang lalaki sa akin, naaalala ko siya at parang na-aawkward ako---siguro sanay akong hindi tinatrato ng ganon. When I was in my senior year in HS I fell for a guy 2 years my junior. It all started when I was getting my bags before getting on the school bus. We were all in a rush and while I was collecting my heavy bags (yes, I've always carried around heavy and big bags) this young-er guy who they say slightly resembled Bal David said "Ate, tulungan na kita." Since I was in my senior year siyempre akala ko nagpapaimpress lang siya since I was good friends with the CAT officers then and, well modesty aside, I was quite popular in high school. So I asked him if he was a CAT applicant (I can't remember the exact term they use) and he said no. And I was actually surprise and impressed and I started noticing him. I mean, bakit niya ako tutulungan? He didn't need anything from me. So I said to myself, wow how gentlemanly..sige na nga crush na kita... And then I started obsessing myself with him and yes that included stalking him too. I even got my friends to marry me to him during our School Fair. We had a marriage booth and of course I pretended I didn't want to get married to him and allowed myself to literally be dragged to the booth; I could've given Nora Aunor a run for her money for my best "ayokooo" raw acting.

After I graduated I didn't hear from him again until I was in junior college. He texted me. I texted him back then got bored. And that was the end of it. I guess I just came to my senses.

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25th November, 2007. 1:14 am. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY ANIMATED FILM?

Ako, nasabi ko na, Cinderella...

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